Monday, October 06, 2014

Autumn Stripes with Inocos

This week's look with Inocos is just too cute to ignore :)

I feel the colours are half Autumn with a sneaky Summer-y part in there, too.
That pastel yellow is too cute, don't you think?

I started this look with it - Inocos Corridinho - and after it dried I applied different pieces of striping tape, in different positions.

Then, using a dotting tool, I applied three polishes in different colours schemes.
They're Inocos Chi-Coração - the deep raspberry, almost burgundy shade - Inocos Chiado - which is more of a medium fuchsia tone - and Inocos Miminho - the perfect pumpkin colour for this Autumn season.

I hope you've enjoyed this look - some fifty-fifty nails to help you transition from Summer into Autumn (although, seriously, it's been hotter these last couple of days than it was when it was actually Summer here).

Wishing you a fabulous weekend, lovelies <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Fantastic colors, love the effect!

  2. I've only just stumbled across your blog but oh wow I'm so glad I did! These are lush!
    I know you're an established blogger, but I nominated you for a Liebster award anyway- if you feel like completing it, the post is on my blog! :)


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