Thursday, October 30, 2014

A2Z - A is for Angles

Lovely Charlie has invited me to join in the new not-so-crazy-thank-you A to Z nail challenge  (aka #A2Z).
There'll be a new theme every Thursday which will make this challenge last for the next 26 weeks (except Christmas and New Year's, 'cause that's obvious ;))

Today's prompt was Angles and I went with something that made my life happier back in the day when I was a student and Maths and I were... not in a healthy relationship.

Numbers nails

Have you guessed what it is? :)
Let's turn it around...

Maths nails

Yep... Maths was only fun whenever I could bust out my protractor or my ruler and pretend I was a cool architect, drawing angles carefully measured for my next exquisite monument.

Maths nails

So, I painted protractor nails and although I messed up some of the small numbers details, these were a hit in class today and I can tell you that my students did their Maths homework today with a little bit more optimism :)

Make sure you check all the awesome ladies taking part in this challenge - just click here.
And for everyone's designs on today's prompts check below :)

I'll be seeing you all very soon!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. You're so inventive and your freehand is ridiculous! <3 <3 lovely to have you as part of this series.

  2. I clicked on your post fully expecting to find a link to a stamping plate for this design somewhere in the post, but no - you're just insanely talented! :-D So intricate and beautiful!

  3. Whoah, these are fantastic, you have wicked freehand skills!

  4. creative, out of the box thinking ! I can never think of that :) it can be a great back to school nails too :D

  5. Well your mani is the most interesting of all! Great idea!

  6. This is a very creative and original manicure. I took part too in such and alphabet challenge. Last Saturday I posted my last mani, and it was a lot of fun!

  7. these are absolutely fantastic!!! I love them them - you are so clever!

  8. That's awesome, Mina! Lovely to have you in the challenge :)

  9. Wow!! These are very creative and original nails. Congratulations for the accuracy to paint it. :)


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