Friday, September 05, 2014

31DC2014 - Day 5: Blue Nails

Today's nails are, again, a two in one.
I'm still going with both the crazy 31DC2014 and the lovely Endless Summer Nail Challenge and today's nail art had to balance both.

So, for Blue Nails and Nautical Nails, I came up with:

31DC2014 Blue Nails

Abstract Seaweed! :D

abstract blue nails

I started by using some black acrylic paint and a thin detail brush to draw in the seaweeds the way I wanted them to: a whole bunch of them, softly swaying to the sea's motion.

nautical nails of abstract blue seaweed

I've used both a mixture of different blue nail polishes and different acrylic paints, which I mixed and matched to achieve different bue shades.

Abstract painting of seaweeds in the sea

Last minute, I got even more inspired and added a couple of dark blue glitter to some pieces and a really bright almost neon like lime green to others and that's what really made these pop!

abstract painting of blue seaweeds

I love how kind of effortless they were and what a great impression they made on everyone today.
Yep, I can't deny it's been a good week for me nail art wise ;)

How do you think these fit the themes in both challenges? Am I in way over my head or did I managed to pull it off? :)

Wishing you the most fantastic Friday evening you can get.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

Last Year's Blue Nails:
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  1. Really glad you got the last minute inspiration to add glitter, because I think it's the star of this whole look! The colors are beautiful and they work together so well, in a perfect harmony. Going strong on 31DC2014!!!

  2. Once again you perfectly managed to match both challenges. :-D I think it's a good idea to approach the colors in this way. Love them!

  3. This is awesome! I like all the different blues.

  4. i love all of the blues and such a great design for both challenges :)


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