Monday, September 22, 2014

31DC2014 - Day 22: Inspired by a Song

I knew straight away what I wanted to paint on my nails for today's 31DC2014 theme: PINK FLOYD! 

If you've been following me for the past month, you know I started a new job this month: I'm finally working as an English teacher and I couldn't be happier.

So, for today's inspired-by-a-song nail art I went with 'Another Brick in the Wall - Part II', to remind me of what's important about teaching - 'Part II is a protest song against rigid schooling in general and boarding schools in particular'.

Here's my Pink Floyd nails - I wore them proudly today!
Love, love, love them!

I started by freehanding the background brick wall on top of two coats of white - Inocos Pico.
It turned out to be easier than I anticipated really, so this was the simple part of today's nail art ;)

I took my inspiration from the album cover released in Japan (check it here).
And I can tell you straight away which was the hardest to paint...

The teacher's face, of course! I had to redo several parts more than once to get the proportions right and everything else that comes with it.

In the end...

I wish to dedicate this to my awesome Dad, who's infused my life with music from a very early age.
I mean, check out this 45rpm - it's my Dad's and it dates from 1980! 
I wasn't even born yet! heheh ;)

Do you also have fond music memories from your childhood? Let me know in the comments and also what you think about today's mani - are you a fan of Pink Floyd?

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

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  1. Awesome nails inspired by the song!

  2. I love how the moment I saw these, the song started playing in my head. I saw Australian Pink Floyd perform last year. It was an awesome concert! My favorite part of the song is the little drum solo right before the singing starts (in the long version).

  3. I love these nails! I LOVE Pink Floyd, and my dad also like PF <3


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