Monday, September 01, 2014

31DC2014 - Day 1: Red Nails

I'm joning the madness again this year!
Chalkboard Nails 31 Day Challenge (read all about it here) is probably the most anticipated nail art blogging event. At least for me.

This was the challenge that really made me push my boundaries and discover I could do nail art - not the normal stuff, but the weird and awesome kind of things.

So, this year, I'm doing it again, together with a whole bunch of crazy nail artists, who, despite having a life, think they're Superwomen :)

So... fingers crossed and let's get this party startin'!!

A while ago, my sweet friend Paulina sent me this beauty and I've saved it up for the beginning of this challenge, for good luck ;)

This is P2 Red I love u! Fiery (No.7)
Smooth application, opaque in just one coat and really fast drying, this beauty has it all! :)

I thought keeping it simply for these first prompts was the way to mantain sanity , so I just added some golden leaf to the tips of my nails.

You see, I've started a new job today and that is no other than being an English teacher (after a three-year hiatus).
You'll understand that I need all the sanity I can get with me, right? ;)

I loved the elegant feeling of these and they surely looked awesome on my first day ;)
Keep your fingers crossed for me! It'll be a heck of a month! 

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

Last Year's Red Nails:


  1. Nice red and I like the gold flakie tips too.

  2. Very pretty red color and nice touch with the the gold :) Good luck with your new job <3

  3. Fantastic manicure for this first day of challenge. I love the luxurious effect of the golden leafs on red!
    I wish you all the best with your new job!

  4. Gold and red looks beautiful together (: loved it (:

  5. beautiful start for the challenge =) gonna join in soon. i really LOVE the red and gold together <3

  6. Simple and classy... love it!! :)

  7. Love, love that red polish, and those pieces of gold foil finish it so well. Very elegant. Hope you thoroughly enjoy your new job!


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