Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Swatch Game: Missp Cinderella

When people say you deserve a crown... 

... this is what they mean:

'Cause nobody wears crowns, unless it's New Year's Eve or Halloween or... wait... people actually still wear crowns...oh well.
I think wearing a cronw on your nails beats all the above and all the non-mentioned ;)

I started by applying two coats of the gorgeous Missp Cinderella.
It's a lovely bright pastel blue - this photo does not make it justice; it shows it way too bright but I couldn't make it truer to reality (sorry :/ )
It applies smoothly and dries fast as lightning!

I did a French tip with Essence Chucky and my accent nail was done with Flormar CW101.

And now for some bonus:

I did another look, following the same schematic.
This time, I toned it down a bit and chose a beautiful square silver piece.

I finally learnt how to wear these bigger pieces: I take my tweezers and I slightly bend/fold the corners to make the piece a more rounder shape.
That way it'll wrap around the nails beautifully and you can wear it for days, without it getting caught on clothes on anything else! Love!

I hope you liked today's mani(s) - please excuse if I wasn't too talkative, but I'm just too tired.
Let me know which was your favourite and why ;) and I'll see you again tomorrow <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Love the simple tips here. The crown stud and nail stud looks great too.

    1. Yay - glad you liked the tips. I feel like I need to practise more at it, but they're ok considering they're freehanded :)

  2. Wonderful colors and that crown charm looks great on it!


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