Thursday, July 31, 2014

Roses? I've Invented Them!

Well, of course I didn't invent roses, but the ones I painted on my nails today came out of my lil' brain, all and whole.
They are not the best looking ones, though...

As a matter of fact I don't quite know what to think of them and haven't made up my mind about liking them or not.

So, will you help me decide?

Are these pretty roses or just.. meh?


Flormar Turquoise Green (JL10)
(swatch here)

Bellaoggi Fiesta (No.45)

Inglot No.152

Rimmel Lemon Drop
(look how much love this baby has gotten from me - it's almost over and done with!)

The details to the roses and the leaves were done using acrylic paintand I kind of just doodled their edges and twirls to my taste.

And now I need your help letting me know how good or how bad these are ;)
I'm sorry I didn't talk much to you today but I'm actually really tired (boss is out of the office, so work load is double what normally is).

I hope you have a restful evening - I know that's what I'm going to do :)

Hugs & Kissies,


  1. Awesome, is a fantastic nail art.My comment is neutral (sorry). I like all ur nail art. God bless U

    1. Awww, honey! Thank you so, so much!! You've put a smile on my face :))

  2. these flowers are amazing! whoooaaa! love them!!!

    1. Sweetie, thank you so much!! It means a lot to hear it from you!! :)

  3. Maybe these are not roses but they look really great!! I love this color combo!!

    1. Anastasia, you're always the sweetest! Thank you so much, darling! Glad you liked this colour combo - it's pretty, right? :))


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