Saturday, July 05, 2014

Nautical Love

There's very little manis as perfect for a summery Saturday as a nautical mani :)

And today I'm quit happy to say, I rocked some Nautical Love on my nails - check these out:

Can you tell I wanted to rock (a lot) of studs as well? ;)

I painted my index with Bellaoggi Poppy Red (No.39) and my pinkie with Bellaoggi Plastic Blue (No.12).

I applied white polish - Inocos Pipoca em Viagem - to my thumb, middle and ring fingers.
To my thumb I added three sea shells and left it at that - same as I did on my index and pinkie.

I then used some striping tape for the stripes and applied Essence Chuck and Prestige Gerbera.

I love the effect of the whole mani and these were quite hard to take my eyes off of the entire day.
I just wish the tape mani had come out a lot better than it did but oh well...

As a last challenge I want you to tell me what's odd about this mani - I bet you can find ;)

Anyone here also very fond of nautical manis? They instantly give you that weekend/vacation feeling that's so dear to all, ain't that right? ;) heheheh

I hope you had a fabulous Saturday and wish you a fantastic Sunday as well.

Hugs & Kissies
Mina *


  1. Awesome nautical nails! I like those seashells a lot too.

    1. Yay, thank you, sweetie - and I agree: the seashells are such cuties :)

  2. one stud is missing XD but it's nevertheless a nice mani

    1. You've got a good eye ;)
      Although, it's not really missing - I ran out of gold studs and had to paint a silver one, only my gold polish doesn't exactly go unnoticed, right? hehehe

  3. Ahoy, Mina!
    Classic colours for a particular manicure, you know :D
    I love so much those shell 3d appliques, they're fab!!!
    Ps. a round stud jumped off or it's a painted dot... but by looking at it more closely, it looks like felt dot fom the pics :)
    Have a nice Sunday

    1. heheeh - ahoy, sweetie :) Glad you liked these colours :)
      And, yes, you got it 50/50 right: it's a painted stud actually - I ran out of the gold studs and only had silver ones ;)
      Have a great Thursday, hun *

  4. Hahah, looks like you should be on a sailboat or somewhere on a beach! Those polishes are so pretty. Did you run out of studs? :)

    1. I should totally be on a sailboat or at the beach (not right here at the office hehe ;))
      And yes, I ran out of gold studs - had to paint one of the silver ones to finish my nail ;)


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