Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bestie Twin Mani with Paulina's Passions

Rejoice!!! It's another collab and this time I joined the Nail Art forces with the sweetest, most awesome friend of mine: Paulina, from Paulina's Passions :)

She requires no introduction, as I'm sure you all know her, right? Right! :)
Busy lives make for busy schedules and the two of us haven't been talking that regularly lately. 

And 'cause I missed her dearly (she's one of the few putting up with my obssessive nail poish addict conversations), I suggested we do a Bestie Twin Mani to spice things up ;)
We decided on this cute design I saw over on Print & Pattern.

Behold our lovely recreations!!! :)
Aren't Paulina's the cutest - check out that fatty adorable bird!! Just too cute!
And I love how she also recreated the bottom and upper pattern, which I couldn't fit into mine - well done, hun! <3

This is what mine looks like and I promise, promise you it's a lot more impressive in real life.
Do you know those times - and this one is for nail bloggers now - when your nails look fantastic, you've spent so much time doing them and they came out just like you envisioned them and all's perfect and it's a sunny day outside even... BUT!... your photos won't show all that magnificence.

I debuted this cutest pink polish for this mani: Bellaoggi Fiesta
Such an appropriate name for the funkiest, most fun pink shade I've gotten lately ;)
It's a lovely créme polish, opaque in one coat if your nails are shorter than mine - I had to use two coats just to even it all out :)
Dries relatively fast - let's say 7/8min and the shine is fabulous all on its own (no topcoat was used during the making of this swatch).

I then took my detail nail art brush, some red acrylic paint, which I watered down and started making my background lines. And I think that's where I did it all wrong. 
Maybe because pink and red clash together or maybe because I'm not yet that good at photography, I had a really hard time making these photos come out nice for you.

As for the mani itself I couldn't be happier. 
I managed all the tiny details and despite the fact that this took me nearly 3hours to complete I am a proud maker! :) Even BF was impressed and he's my biggest critic ;)
I hope you can see all the details - hopefully the photos aren't that bad :/

Don't forget to stop by Paulina's Passions to show her some love as well and take care.
I, for one, certainly intend to do just so - it's icecream yummi evening for me today: I've just decided hehehe :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Sweetie, I can't believe all the details you included in this design :) I absolutely love it. And the background! You know, I haven't even thought of that. Plus, your flower manis are improving from post to post and sometimes I am not believing in what I am seeing, they are so good!
    Thank you again for this bestie twin mani! You are such a good friend to me and I am really happy our paths came across! And like you, I can't wait to have a real nail polish session, but then, I'll be doing your nails :) Lots of mush!

    1. Awww *blushes* Thank you so, so much, hun! :D
      I'm the one thanking you for agreeing on such a detailed design hehehe ;)
      And yay for doing ma nails!!! It'll be a real swap! I'll do your, you'll do mine hehehe :))

  2. you both have made such cute and sweet nails! amazing:)))

    1. Thank you so much , lovely :) Happy you've liked them!

  3. Aw, they're so cute ^_^ - I love them both!

    1. Thank you so much, Ana! It's always lovely when you stop by ;)


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