Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tulips Are My Favourite

It's the end of the Week of Flowers!!!! Are you excited?
I sure hope so! I bring you tulips today - my favourite! Or rather...

Mind you they don't quite look like a perfect tulip.. I'd say they look more like...
Wait, I'll show you:

Do you know what I mean?
As a last challenge inside the flower challenge I decided I wanted to paint tulips with my non-dominant hand on my Cinderella Hand ;)
Was it madness?

I started by applying Kiko Pearly Blue Peacock (No.530) on my nails.
It's a gorgeous one coater, fast drying and quite shiny on its own (I swatched it mid process, so this one has no topcoat on).

The only downside to it is that the green-ish, golden shimmer you see in the bottle doesn't transfer onto your nails and that's a pity :)

After my base dried I took a deep breath, I picked up my nail art brush and remained as calm as possible while drawing my heart shaped tulips ;)

I won't say these are the best tulips in the world, nor will I say they're perfect but I'm glad I went for it - I'm set on perfecting nail art with my non-dominant hand and I just had to do this :)

So I hope you're not too disappointed with this final chapter ;)
Have a wonderful Saturday evening, lovelies <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. These are cute! I used to draw tulips like that when I was younger :D

    1. hehehe - that's how I feel drawing with my non-dominant hand: it's like I'm a child all over again hahah ;)

  2. That blue polish is gorgeous. I'm amazed at how neat the tulips are - I'm doing good to swatch and cleanup using my non-dominant hand! Keep it up until you get comfortable using it!

    1. It's a stunner, I confess :D
      Thank you for your motivating words, hun! I'll keep at it, for sure ;)

  3. They look like hearts and are really nice :-)

    1. Yes! it was the only way I could make them look aceptable! hahah ;)

  4. Gosh! This color combo is so surprising and beautiful. This KIKO base color is a beauty and I can't believe that you made all these pretty flowers on your Cinderella hand. My right hand never looks good :( Never!

    1. hahahha! Mine either, which is why I'm practising - hopefully in a while I'll be much better ;)


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