Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Swatch Game: Missp Love Affair

Today's post is exciting but also kind of a fail.
It's exciting because I Purple Professional (one of my favourite Portuguese brands of nail polish) has released their baby sister line, called Missp.

The brand's first collection is called «Wonderland» and the colours are just perfect for the theme - gorgeous, vibrant, out of this world.
I received four bottles for review and I'm bringing you the very first one, called Love Affair.

And this is where this post becomes a fail: Missp Love Affair is a gorgeous shade of pink, not bubblegum pink, not neon pink, not even hot pink fuchsia kind of shade. It's a gorgeous watermelon pink almost and perfect for a summer tan.

However, my photos don't make it justice, at all ... not one bit... :(
Yep, my camera just decided not to cooperate... Even when I was editing the photos and I denied my skin its normal tone, still it wouldn't show properly...
Maybe it's my skin tone?... I don't know

All that apart, this polish is divine - two easy coats (although if your nails are short you can easily get away with just one).
Missp maintains pretty much its big sister standards! Awesome colour pigmentation, great formula (not too thin, not too thick) and a wonderful shiny, all of its own (check the next photo).

Anyway, this one is called «Love Affair»
and I couldn't think of a better nail art to go with it than...

You ready?

Can tell what these are?

How about now?
Yesssssssss! Jelly beans!!

I have a very close and intimate love affair with jelly beans.
Sadly, we've been apart for the past five months now - a girl has to have control over such relationships, right? ;)

My sister bought me a bag (she's ruining my determination!!!) and I couldn't help but showing them off in photos - they deserve it!!!
And don't pretend you, too, don't have a love affair with jelly beans ;)

Let me know what you think about this lovely polish. And don't forget to tell which yummi thing you have a love affair with ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Cute! I like that its on the tips too.

  2. I'm sad that the colour isn't perfect but it happens.. don't worry!
    Pink... then I like it anyway hehe
    Oh, I have a love affair with chocolate pralines. Def not a good thing for the line :P
    Have a nice weekend

    1. hehehe - pinkaholics, we! :)
      And nevermind the line: chocolate pralines sound real good ;) Have a fab week, Valentina!

  3. That design makes me smile so much! Who doesn't love jelly beans! That pink is so very pretty. Thank you so much for the cute jelly beans and wonderful photos. I am loving your nails, the shape of them.

    1. heheheh - thank you so much, sweetie!! Your comments always leave me with a huge smile! <3

  4. They look yummy :) Love how joyful your nails look with these colors!

    1. Thank you, honey!! Happy I managed to transmit the yumminess ;)

  5. I just love these hot pinks! And they look awesome on you :) The jelly beans are too cute to handle sweetie! You are tempting ;)


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