Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Red & Gold - Inspired by Lucy's Stash

Today's manicure has a very special touch to it. You probably know by now that the first blog I ever started following was My Awesome Beauty.

Well, today is all about my second blog crush: Lucy's Stash.
I've met her as a contestant to one of My Awesome Beauty her nail art competitions I entered (click here to see what amazing design Lucy submitted - my entry is the last one, by the way ;))

I instantly fell in love with her work, her photography, her perfect execution *.*
(Granted I was a bit jealous, too ;) hahaha )

But the very first design that made me talk about Lucy's Stash for a whole week, to everyone I met and had the (mis)fortune to be with me a couple hours was this one: right here

She's recently done a tutorial for that amazing design and I could no longer delay recreating it :)
So here's to you, Lucy, always an inspiration <3

You can see I kept the whole red & gold theme going.
And I'm glad I did - they look gorgeous together :)

I've used Inglot O2M No.620 for the red dots (which, sadly, my topcoat smeared a bit).

And I used Beauty UK Aztec for the golden ones.

It's amazing how this was so simple to achieve and how stunning it looks - I still remember being in awe (and still am today) about this design of Lucy :)

Again, thank you, girl, for such a contribution to my nail art passion - hope you like this one, everyone!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. This is adorable. Great job! =^.^=

  2. Its dots galore!! Love the combination of red and gold too!

    1. hehehe - thank you, Lisa! Happy you like it :)


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