Tuesday, February 25, 2014

If You've Got A Pretty Ring, Flaunt It!

I got a gorgeous supersized ring, all fancy and lady like and I was just dying to get what nail art accessories I was missing, aka PEARLS! :)

I finally got them (thank you, Verniz de Luxo, you rock! <3) and I could finally do a proper mani doing the beautiful ring justice.

And now that I've just kept the suspense long enough, let's show you today's manicure :)

Oh wait! (sorry!) Remember how I told you yesterday that BF and I went biking on Sunday? Did you also read the part where I fell off my bike the hardcore way? 

Yeah... You'll be seeing signs of that in the pictures below - excuse me for that and sorry I didn't photoshop them out, but they're really not that gross ;)

Alrighty, onto today's manicure, then! <3

I'm so in love with this one (even if my sister told me it makes me look like an old lady).
Old lady I am then and a happy one, too! Look at me being all fancy and elegant and lady like!
It must the flu - it's getting to me and making me wanna look grown-up ;)

I got the gorgeous ring from Sonhos e Magia and not only was it very inexpensive, it also makes me feel oh-so amazing! :D

Onto details then: I applied the gorgeous Bellaoggi Light Chrome on my middle and ring fingers.

For my thumb, index and pinkie I've used Kiko Magnetic Charcoal (No.707), which I'd never even tried on - rather stupid from me, right?
Look how gorgeous this baby is!

I then tried some one-stroke roses on my middle and ring fingers, which sadly aren't all that perfect.
I should really try this technique more often in order to get it down perfectly, yes I should!
I will!! ;)
I got the help from Cherry Nail Art and her video tutorial (click here to watch) but I'm afraid I used too wide a brush to manage the perfect end result :/


I tried to make the rest of my nails have some elements of the ring and I think I succeeded - so loving my index look! :D

And in case you're wondering about my thumb and how it looks, well, let's just say although it doesn't really fit the whole look, I really love it.
I covered it with the glittery topcoater Essence Special Effect Hello Holo - talk about awesomeness ;)

And that's it! Let me know what you think about these ones: old lady vs fancy lady ;)
Hope you've had a fantastic day!!!!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. I'd love to grow old with this mani on ;) hahaha! It looks absolutely fantastic, that first picture is a true killer!

    1. hehehhe - you're the best! Thank you so much, sweetie for all the nice things in your comment <3

  2. That ring looks so cool and the design you created on the nails match perfectly :)

    1. Yay, happy you like it all, Lisa! :D

  3. Love these pics! Your nails look awesome!!

    1. Thank you so much, Craftynail - I've been working hard to get better pictures, so your comment really helps me with keeping motivated! **

  4. I love your one stroke flowers! They look perfect to me!

    1. You're a darling, Giovanna! Thank you so much!! :)

  5. WOW! These flowers are perfect!!! Gorgeous design and photos!!

    1. Thank you so much, darling Anastasia :)


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