Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Three Stooges

Let's consider this post a pre-post to today's manicure ;)
I've had these swatches in a drawer for a while now without showing them to you, because so far I hadn't know what manicure to do with these polishes.

But last night I had an epiphany and so here they are - make sure you don't miss out the 'real manicure', later this evening :)

The polishes I'm about to show you are from a Portuguese brand - Inocos - and they've made a small collection based on a Portuguese saying - Os Três da Vida Airada - which is said of three friends, who are always messing around together - birds of a feather fly together, sort of thing ;)

If you had to make a parallel with something similar in the English culture, I'd say they're maybe similar to 'The Three Stooges', without the sillyness ;)

As for their names 'Cocó, Ranheta e Facada' - I think I've seen House use an expression that can relate: 'Dopey, Sleazy and Uptighty', but you know how hard it is to 'translate' cultural sayings, right?

So, let's start the parade, then:

Inocos Cocó 
You might not want to know that the translation to this one is 'Poop' - yep ;)

 It's a very egg yolk shade and it'll make you miss Summer even more!
It has a lovely creme finish and you get perfect coverage in two easy coats.
Want to give your hands that instant tan? This is the one! ;)

Inocos Ranheta
And the translation to this one (also quite a funny one) is Snot - the gooey kind of snot, mind you. I hope the lovely colours are distracting you from the translations ;)

This one might just have entered my number one spot on the favourite blue polishes list.
It's vibrant, it's a peach in terms of application and it is not a stainer! 
Two easy coats and you get an even shiny finish - none of these swatches have topcoat on ;)

Inocos Facada
The translation to this one is less gross than the two before it - it means Stab Wound.

And I gotta say the shade they gave it makes you think of nothing else :))
It's a happy deep fuchsia kind of red and the photos don't even make it justice - this was a tough one to capture on camera.
Again two easy coats for a flawless creme finish <3

So, what's your favourite from all the three and what do you think of the name choice for each of them? 

Silly names apart, do you think they made each name justice with a matching colour?
I'd say so and I'm quite happy at how vibrant these are!

Don't forget to check back in the evening for the manicure I chose for them  and I'll talk to you later.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Cocó <3
    All of them look good on you :)

    1. hehehe - pretty vibrant yellow shades are always a winner ;)
      Thank you so much, sweet Irmak! *

  2. Great creme shades! Love that blue :)

    1. I specially loved their great coverage and even application! And I'm with you on the blue, Lisa - it's become one of my favourites ;)


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