Thursday, January 30, 2014

Skittlete Practice

... is what I've been doing.
Whenever I do more detailed nail art, I always end up going to bed really late and my eyes and head ache the next morning - not goo!

So, I'm trying to balance things out - even for the sake of the blog - and interchanging a detailed nail art mani with another simpler one.

Still, I can't go about without any nail art on my nails - just can't!
That's what makes skittletes so awesome - you can still go for nail art but seeing you don't have to do it on all your nails, you end up saving time ;)

And here's where I need you - I definitely need practice at this. 
I'm not yet too good judging which combos will look good. Mix and match is an art and I envy those ladies out there doing it to perfection!

Give me your honest opinion, then! 

How do you think I did with this one?
I'm not too sure if the yellow is a make it or break it kind of addition.
I keep thinking I should've gone with gold. BF said these are pretty, quite fun and summery and he was all thumbs up.
Still... I'm not 100% convinced...

I started this one by painting my index and pinkie white - Bellaoggi Snow White (and, yes, it's getting goopy :s)
I painted my middle finger and thumb two coats of black - Purple Professional No.18.
And my ring finger got covered in two coats of Dermac√©lsia Eternal.

I went for some tape manicure, which I love 'cause it looks so good, but hate, too, 'cause it takes so long.
That's why I loved incorporating it here - I only did two nails and it wasn't too time consuming ;)
I did horizontal stripes on my index and vertical ones on my pinkie, with my current favourite yellow shade - Inocos Coc√≥ - and this is where I think I should've gone with gold... 
Maybe? What do you think? Does yellow look okay?

I then applied one coat of clear polish and applied a feather accessory to it.
I love how it looks but I absolutely hated putting it on. I trimmed the ends, but then had to file the rough edge. It didn't go too well and I kept fearing I'd file my nail down instead.
I mean! they're already short as it is! :s

Last but not least, my favourite part of this manicure - guess who's in love wih gold leaf?
Meeeeee! :))

I got it at my favourite nail art store (thank you, Verniz de Luxo - Pri, you're the greatest! *) and it came in a pot like this.
I took a piece of it with my tweezer and as I broke it down to smaller pieces I'd apply it over my nail - that easy!

And now I'd love to read some of your comments on this one and also some advice (please help me with the feather application!!!!).
I hope you're hanging in there - tomorrow is Friday already (about time!).

Have a fantastic evening, lovely ones and be on the lookout for tomorrow's post - it's gonna be a special one, I promise you ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Cute, I really like this pairing!!!

    1. Thank you so much - I feel better about them now ;)

  2. I think it's a good one and a great idea to save time to do just something simple on a couple of nails not the whole hand, you keep on practicing!!!

    1. Thank you for the motivation, Elin!! :D

  3. Hi! I am a recent reader of your blog. :) Like you, I'm in awe of ladies who are able to put together matching skittlettes, seemingly with ease and coordinating so well. I do like yours - the white/black/yellow and/or gold is a lovely combination to use. As I am always critical of mine, you are being extra critical of your designs. I think we do it because we're trying so hard, maybe? Once we do things a little more, we become more comfortable? Anyway - you asked for some helpful words, so I'm adding these to my "thumbs up" as well: I think to make these even better (and I'm no expert) - yes, either using gold as color on index/pinky to coordinate with ring or use yellow (stud/V/dots) with the black on ring. But....your description of the fun with the gold flakes....then, yes, using gold or a more golden colored yellow on the other 2 fingers and you may have felt more put together. But, honestly - there is nothing wrong with these and I bet you found you enjoyed wearing them. The feather brings a fun element to the whole look. I too am liking the time saving idea of skittlettes to do something harder on one or two fingers and easier on the others (I have some physical constraints to sitting for long periods of time - so I am looking to get better at these looks too). Wow - sorry, I just wrote a book. Eeek. Anyway - Glad I found your blog & thanks for sharing!!

    1. Kimett, what a fantastic comment!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this 'book' for me! I think you're right about it: we tend to overcritisize when we're not too comfortable doing something.
      Solution? Practise and do more, so it goes away hehhehe ;)
      Just had a look at your blog - loved the Valentine's Shrek mani ;)

  4. It looks perfect, great choice of colours, the yellow is great for this skittlette.

  5. Wow, this model looks amazing :)


You just made this girl smile! Thank you for your comment and for sharing your thoughts with me! :)

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