Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Colour Blocking Is Relaxing!

Either that or it being such an easy design helped me choose it for today's mani :)

I'm sorry I've been posting at odd hours and not regularly but I've taken on a part-time job after my normal full-time one (money for X-mas presents! Yey!!! :)) so the earliest I get home is midnight. 

Considering I get up at 7a.m....erm... I'm left with little time for my mani pleasures if I wish to sleep a sufficient amount of hours ;)

So colour blocking it is! And I've done it freehanded too, just like my first one (which you can have a look at here).

Ahhhhh! Nothing like a geometrical design to give you some visual peace - hence the relaxing feeling this gives me!
And what do you say about this sunny weather? My favourite!!!!
Cold and sunny - mmmmmmmmm <3

You'll probably be surprised that the colours I chose aren't more on the bright side,  but - and can you believe it?! - I'm actually falling for Fall colours. Hahahaha! Me of all people!
But truth be told, I'm finding why each season had different colours! Mind you, I'm not converting nor anything, but for now, I'm loving these more toned down, earthy colours :D
And they even match my cute jumpers ;)

I went with so many different colours and you can see some of them in this swatching post here
I'm listing them all below, but if you find that boring, just look at the pretty photo instead :D

Flormar Supershine No.P124 (dark green shade)
Kiko Grey (No.328)
Inocos Pipoca de Pantufas
Inocos Ranheta (bright blue shade)
Inocos Beijinho
Inocos Miminho
Dermacélsia No.74 (mustard shade)
Flormar Nail Art Black Striper (for the outlining :))

And the mustard polish, can you believe it's the one I'm actually loving the most? hahaha
How things change!
Overall I'm just happy such a simple time saving design looks so awesome :D

That and the fact that I can see some improvement (both in terms of execution and photography) from my first go at this design is making my day and helping me not feel so tired :D

Let me know what you think with your lovely comments (to which I haven't been having the time to reply to, but this weekend I'll do so - promise!)

Hope you're enjoying just as good a weather as I am.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. I love tbem both (this one and your first one)!!
    And you chose so great colors! They look amazing together:)
    You rock Mina:)

    1. You're so sweet - thank you so much!! Happy that you liked them both and I gotta say I'm pretty in love with these colours myself :D

  2. This manicure looks great! Good luck with your two jobs, you're one brave girl! ^^

    1. Awww, sweetie - you're super! Thank you for the extra motivation - I've been dead-beat lately but I know it'll compensate :)
      Happy you liked this one **

  3. I like the manicure! And the way you did an accent nail by changing the side^^. I'll try it out someday.

    1. Do try it - they're fun and easy to make and, what's more, they look awesome :D

  4. Fall colours are always the prettiest to me, but I'm not that fond of bold, bright colours. :P Anyway, loved the mani, as always! ^^

    1. :))
      Thank you!! I think I'm actually loving having a break from bold colours, which is new to me ;)

  5. I love this design! The colors look great together!

    1. Thank you, darling! I loved them on my nails! :D


You just made this girl smile! Thank you for your comment and for sharing your thoughts with me! :)

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