Sunday, November 03, 2013

Back To The Swatching Game

As I've said before more than once, I don't think swatching is my thing. That wasn't even why I started blogging - the fault to that falls entirely on nail art.

However sometimes I do get in a swatching mode and I actually feel vain enough about my nails to do a bit of hand posing ;)

Maybe it's because I feel like my nails are back to a longish lenght but I've had swatching on my mind lately.
So, and seeing that Friday I bought a couple of new shades, I decided to give you a swatching post.

All of the polished you're about to see are from  Portuguese brand called Inocos and I quite love their motto: «Because Beauty Has A Portuguese Name» :)

Now, I'm not the patriotic kind at all but it feels good to know something this good quality is 'home made' :))

Here we go then:

Pipoca de Pantufas one is part of their Autumn collection - you can see that by the cute umbrellas on the label - and it has the cutest name: 'Pantufas' is 'Slippers'.
Just how comfy cute is that? ;)

It's a lovely pinkish nude shade and it applies smoothly and effortlessly.
Two coats are enough for perfect coverage. And the drying time although not super fast is ca.10/12min: good enough for impatient girls such as myself ;)

I can see myself wearing this lil' baby a lot in the future and I'd say it's the perfect shade for Autumn and great for more formal occasions, that require a more discreet you :)

Next up and from their «Afetos» collection is «Beijinho».
This one translates as 'Kissie' - adorable, right?
I love the names they give their polishes - the collection, 'Affections', has the sweetest ones :))

This one is a soft lilac that is a bit on the translucent side, so you can't get away with one coat and have to go for a second one.
But once you do so, you get great coverage and the drying time is also around 10 to 12min.

I'd say this one is a shade that goes perfectly in either season: a warmer one and a colder one.
For Spring/Summer you get a lovely pastel and feminine shade and for Autumn/Winter you have a glacial cooler tone that also look amazing among scarves and trenchcoats :D

Last but not least is Miminhos - Caress.
This one would have been perfect for Halloween, for its pumpkin like shade, although I think it's also quite good for both warmer and colder seasons.

You can get way with one coat, if you're in a hurry and really really need something to make you nails look pretty. But I'd always go for a second coat, for the colour looks twice as vibrant and plain gorgeous.
Actually I loved this one so much I might wear it for Monday with a neat nail art design ;)

Again, drying time is ca. 10/12min and the shine is all its own.
None of the pictures have topcoat although I'd advice to always finish up your mani with it - it pays off immensely! :D

Let me know which was your favourite from the three. Do you wear any polishes that are 'home made' from your country? 

Tell me all about it down below and see you tomorrow :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. i like Kissie the most:)
    And I love a new look of your blog Mina:)

    1. Thank you so much, E.!! Kissie is adorable indeed!
      Happy that you like the blog's fresh look, too :)

  2. Liliac is the best! I liked it most ;)

    1. Thank you, G. - I really like it too: perfect for an elegant mani ;)

  3. Kissie is looking amazing :) Great swatches hun.

    1. Thank you, sweetie - not only the colours are great - the application is fab! ;)

  4. OMG, so many beautiful colours! I think in Spain we don't have our own nail polishes brands. Someday I'll cross the border and get them all <3<3<3

    1. I agree: they're gorgeous! :D
      And if you ever come accross any of these, grab them: the quality is great! ;)


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