Thursday, October 24, 2013

You Can't Make Pop Art Look Gory

Because Pop Art is just too cute for that! :)

I wanted to do a Halloween version of Pop Art nails (my very first attempt with acrylic paints) and I even went searching for horror interjections (see here).

I ended up coming with something really cool, but not really gory and there's even a story line for this mani - check it out:

Once upon a time, there was this young woman who was such a clutz, she kept bumping into things, dropping things and ruining things in general.
This story is about how one day she dropped a knife right on her left foot - OOPS!

The entire neighbourhood could hear her desperate (and rather painful) wail: NO!
But there was no turning back in time - the knife had dug in deep in her foot and there was a loud SPLAT!
sound, as her blood went everywhere over her kitchen floor (so much for moping the floor earlier)

'PUFF! Another good sock ruined', she thought, as, you see, she was quite used to such accidents happening on her.
It's not that it didn't hurt but, for the record, those were her favourite pair of socks! I mean, c'mon!

That's not the end of it though... oh no, that would've been too good to be true.
You see, after she finished taking care of the bleeding and once she'd mopped the floor (again!) she sensed a...a strange...what was that?!...a strange odour...and what...EEP!...
Yes, you guessed it - she burnt her dinner! Oh what a night!

And now for some normal photos  and descriptions:

My favourite ones are my thumb, middle finger and pinkie, although I like the look altogether.
But somehow, after redoing my index for the umpteenth time I lost all the love for it I could possibly muster!

And although I don't totally dislike my middle finger, let me just say that I was going for a gory effect and not a jelly fish final look!
Seriously just look at it! It's like a weird, wounded jelly fish! hahaha

Still it was a funny mani while doing it and while wearing it - what do you think?

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. I am loving this mani, but I am loving the story behind it even more! And my favorite part is how sad she was to ruin her sock :( Poor girl!
    Great nails sweetie :) Again, such details. Amazing! Pop art is your signature my dear :*

    1. heheheh - thank you, sweetie!!! :D
      These were fun to make, seriou good fun! :) So happy to hear you say that: awwww <3


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