Tuesday, September 03, 2013

31DC2013 - Day 03: Yellow? Keith Haring!

Yes, you read that right - Paulina managed to get me into daily posting again with the 31 Day Challenge! 
She's an awesome girl and also doing the challenge - make sure to check her desing for today ;)

Anyway, I was meant to post yesterday but things got a bit hectic and inspiration didn't struck me as it should have. 
Also days are getting shorter - the sun is setting by 8 p.m., so that leaves me with very little time to do nails and then take decent photos for you, lovelies.

Enough wining though - I'm doing this from day 3 onwards and that's that! :D
So excited! <3 *eeeeks*

I think yellow nails look great on everyone but me because of my skin tone, but my tan is wearing out so I don't think they looked that bad today ;)

And either way, the moment I read today's theme I had a blessed inspiration moment and thought of Keith Haring.

If you follow me on Pinterest you must have seen I pinned an inspiration pic for today's mani.
So, let me show you the result:

What do you think? ;)
I had so much fun wearing these all day! <3

I started with the yellow base colour, using Coral Neon No.604 (over one coat of white, of course).
I then did kind of a French tip using Sally Hansen Green With Envy and did tiny lines with black.
I noticed my 'floor' is far more crowded with dots than the original but... oh well ;)

I then did each little man in a different colour, using acrylics (let me know if you're interested in knowing which) and tried my best to outline them afterwards, which took every ounce of my patience, even if the outcome isn't too perfect ;)

The thumb is my favourite, so I leave you with a detailed photo of the little red dancing man :)

Hope you're just as excited about this challenge as I am. Let me know if you've liked this one and be sure to come back tomorrow ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

ps. Josephine, from Rainbows in a Jar, also did  a great mani to this work of art a couple days back - probably my so-easy inspiration was also thanks to her post ;)


  1. They turned out great! I did a similar post a few days back, now that's a coincidence :))

    1. I don't think it was a coincidence - haha
      I re-checked your post and seen that I even commented on it (absolutely loved it!), so it must have stayed in the back of my mind, hence my so-easy inspiration! Thank you so much, Josephine! :)

  2. This mani is AMAZING sweetie! When you told me about your inspiration, I knew it would be great, but this just exceeded my expectations! This is perfection! I love it and I love how you always ind inspiration in things <3 You are great <3 And thank you for the sweet words. I hope you don't regret joining this challenge so far ;)

    1. Awww - thank you much, sweetie - of course I don't regret it! I have you to thank for all the fun I've been having <3

  3. This is so cute! Makes me want to do some exercise moves now :)

    1. hehehe - thank you, Lisa - what a great comment! :))

  4. )))) I like the green one! Such a shy dancer :)) Great mani!!!

    1. Awwww :) Thank you, Anastasia! **

    2. I feel it's an obsession of this month to paint this picture)))
      The next day Brittney from Precious polish did the same mani. I think you saw them :) And in these comments I see some Josephine who did them earlier!

    3. I haven't seen Brittney's mani from this design but indeed it looks like it's a choice for mani! ;)
      Everyone's taking inspiration from everyone, which is so cool :)

  5. Amazing!!!! The dancing little men are soooo cool! I think I love the middle the most, haha :)

    1. hehehe - thank you so much, Lisa! :D


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