Friday, June 14, 2013

S. António Já S'Acabou!

Portuguese lovelies will understand this post's title fully, but for you in doubt let me just say that it's part of a popular song and it translates sort of like this: S. António is already gone.

And who is S. António you ask? Well, he's Lisbon patron saint and there's a lil more about him here, in case you're interested. It was his official day yesterday and it's a city holiday, something everyone appreciates.

From the 12th eve onwards the celebrations in his honour are on and basically it's happiness all around.

It's high fun in the 'traditional Lisbon neighbourhoods', where people dance in the middle of the street to the sound of popular music (aka 'música pimba'), the streets get decorated with colourful arches and balloons and flags, everyone eats sardines and enjoys some merry moments. 

And, because S. António, is also the saint patron of marriage - he's a machmaker really - Manjericos with popular love notes are everywhere for you to buy and offer to the one who owns your heart - awwwww :)

So, today, of course I had to go for a manicure celebrating all this as well :D

I tried to portray all the major symbols on my nails, still keeping it simple, so as not to ruin it

All nails got two coats of white with OPI Alpine Snow.
Except, of course, for my ring finger, which I did in two coats of Inglot No.954, to highlight my 'abstract Manjerico'.
You can always get away with abtract anything ;)

I wish the colourful flags had come out better, but my red striper had mismatched hairs and they created the wispy look you see.
Oh well, I still think they're happy and bright and give you somewhat the fun ambiance you get to experience in 'Santos Populares' :))

My 'sardine thumb' was also done with two coats of OPI Alpine Snow, where I then drew a couple stripes with Golden Rose Nail Art No.116.
The sardine was drawn using a blue Staedtler Permanent marker, and I made her a smiley sardine, because that's just the right vibe ;)

Last, but not least, my favourite 'detail' of the whole celebrations.
As a sucker for romance and moochi-moochiness you already know that I am, I find Manjericos the cutest thing! :)
They have a lovely smell and the fact that they carry love refrains is just wonderful! <3
I did the vase using Purple Professional No.45, Perfect Lady N.76 for the details and a brown Staedtler Permanent marker for the outline.
The Manjerico leaves are composed of a dotticure using Rimmel London Jaded Glamour, Kiko Sugar Mat No.643 and Inglot No.985.

I hope not only that you liked these but also that you loved learning (if you didn't know already) about S. António Celebrations, in Lisbon :)

Let me know down below what you think and I hope you get yourselves a kick-ass Friday! :D

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Replies
    1. hehehe :)
      Obrigada, Alexandra!

  2. Your manicure is so cute as always Mina ^^
    While I was reading your post I imagine that day and I would like to be at that celebrations :) I love to learn new things.

    1. I'm sure you'd love it here during this time :)
      Thank you for your super sweet comment, Irmak! **

  3. Replies
    1. thank you so much, maRyya **

  4. Love the mani and sounds like a such a fun day!!

    1. You bet it is! :)
      Thank you so much for your comment, hun **

  5. When I first saw the design, I was like, what the heck? But when I read the post, everything was clear. I am listening to música pimba right now and admiring your beautiful sardine and romantic Manjericos :D I really, really love these nails and the story behind.

    1. hahaha - I can almost see your face ;)
      And you're so adorable, you actually read and look up the crazy stuff I talk about :D I should warn you though: you shouldn't listen too much to música pimba! hahah - believe me, there's more to Portuguese music than that ;)
      Thank you for such an awesome comment, which does bring about great feelings of appreciation, hun! :))

    2. Haha I think música pimba is kind of like Polish Disco Polo. Not the best kind of music lol but I enjoyed it anyway and learned something about your country :)And I am loving the idea of these little trees. Do you give them to the loved ones?

    3. Polish disco polo - hahaha ;)
      We do offer the one we love one of these - they have little love refrains among their leaves :D

    A sardinha é linda! hahah


    1. heheheh - a sardinha é linda, sim senhora! :D

  7. Love your manicure, so artistic and creative! And love Lisbon, I've been there two years ago!

    1. Awwww ... thank you so much! hope you've had an amazing time! <3

  8. it's excellent, it's so colorful :)

    1. heheh - it was to better transmit the happy vibe you can get :)
      Thank you so much, Joanna**

  9. OMG, I dont knew you were portuguese, eu escrevendo você sempre em inglés LOL, eu sou espanhola mais falo um pouco de portunhol rsrsrs.

    Gostei da mani de hoje ☺


    1. hahaha - my spanish is also the 'portunhol' version - don't worry ;)
      obrigada pelo fantástico comentário!! :D


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