Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Welcome to Venice!

So... today I had these nails on, which I thought were alright enough, though I wasn't absolutely satisfied with the whole look but...hey! some days you're happier, other days you're just 'meh, it's alright'!

Now, today was one of those days, until I met a work colleague in the stairs and she started saying how wowed she was about my nails and how incredible it was that I made them myself, which, I gotta say, made me actually feel slightly better and even got me looking at my little digits differently.

That was, of course, until the moment she said: 'they look like those Venetian masks during Carnivale'.
And that's when I had a rewind moment: 'hey! hold on a second! That's not the thing at all! It's a mosaic!' :/

So I guess my first instinct was correct - my nails today were kind of 'meh!' ;(

Want to have a look nevertheless?

Here they are! Can you tell I was totally uninspired from this mismatched look, which...
Well...I guess one ought to try new things now and again, right? ;)

I prefer to look on the bright side; next time I attempt something like this it shall come out perfect! ;)
Now, onto details: all nails got two coats from Inglot 620, except for the ring finger, which got two coats of Flormar P037.
I then applied one coat of Essence Glorious Aquarius (No.10) and added some colourful rhinestones.

And for my index all I had to do was apply stripping tape, forming triangular shapes.
I then selected Chanel Mimosa (577), Beauty Uk Soft Green (No.46), Nails Inc. Kensington Palace Gardens & Royal Botanical Gardens to fill in each little gap.
Because there were so many colours and I had to use an orange stick, the polish was already a bit dry when I took off the tape, which made for all those uneaven lines :(
Also, the fact that my topcoat is getting all goopy didn't help, making the whole design full of little bubbles -.-'

So... I guess you can say - why then are you showing us this 'meh' manicure?

Because you don't always get it right! 
Sometimes, you're out of inspiration. Sometimes, your room is just too warm and your polish will bubble up. Sometimes, you just won't match the colours right. 
And sometimes you just need to know that's ok too! :)

Practice Makes Perfect!
That's today's lesson! I shall have another go at this design and it shall be awesome! ;)

Are you with me? Yey!
So I see you all tomorrow again! :D

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. I love both your accent nails maybe a pinky/red on your ring would have tied it together? I knew it was mosaic! Great colours for spring again. I totally know what you mean about having off days though, been having an on and off week.

    1. You're right - a pink ring finger would have looked way better and it might have been able to keep the whole look more put together :)
      *takes down notes for next time* ;)
      Thank You! **

  2. Great manicure!
    The ring finger is my favorite. :-D

    1. Awwww - thank you! I'm really glad you liked it! ;)

  3. I see it as mosaic too, but people see different things in art, so I don't think your colleague seeing it as Venetian masks means its not good. Anyway, I like it!

    1. heheh - now I feel better. It's true, people tend to see things differently and that doesn't mean you've done something wrong ;) Thank youuuu! **


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