Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Is For St.Patrick

... whose day was today! :)

Now, I am not one who usually does manicures inspired on a special event or day. Or rather... how can I explain this?... I don't use on my nails designs with symbols usually associated to a special day or event.

Let's just say I'm not one to use a shamrock on my nails for the sake of it being St. Patrick's in Ireland today.

But this year, I've decided on it, just for the sake of experimenting some more freehand doodling on my nails. I still don't have my so much longed-for nail art brushes, so this one was achieved by using only my trustworthy orange stick.

You will then excuse if it looks shaky and quirky ;)

I've only done it on my ring finger, for I figured I wouldn't have the patience required to do it on all nails (and I was right! ;)).
I've used two coats of Coral No.306 on all fingers, except for my ring finger that was twice layered with Purple Professional No.32.

I then tried to draw what kind of looks like a shamrock on my ring finger, using Green with Envy (110) from SallyHansen. 
And, finally, I outlined the design with Mermaid (No.13), from Beauty UK.

Even though it's not perfect, I ended up kind of liking it :)

Hope you did too but if you didn't you can scream at me all you like in the comments below - hehe ;)
I'm wishing you all a lovely Sunday evening!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. You have a cute shamrock too! I think the glitter around it adds a nice touch as well :)

    1. Thanks, you're being very kind - my shamrock is all shaky! haha :)
      The glitter around it though does compensate a little ;)


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