Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Neverending Story

... is what my relationship with gradients feels like. I do chase it in the road to perfection, but I just never seem to get there. At all! ;)

I will conquer the world though! Never surrender! Never surrender!

So, for the sake of this endeavour, today you must yet put up with another (failed) gradient from me :)

You know I'll get there... If nothing, then eventually! hehe

First things first, here are the polishes I picked:
Coral No.305
Ludurana Marmorizado Quartzo
Catrice Genius In The Bottle (840)

Tchanan! Today's manicure :)
I started off with two coats of the lovely duochrome No.305, from Coral.
Even though it doesn't say so in the bottle, you get two colours from this polish: blue & purple, so, for me, it stands as a duochrome ;)

I have chosen my ring finger as the accent nail and used two coats of Quartzo, such a gorgeous polish as well! :)

I decided I couldn't leave it just like that, so I added a dotted borderline to the accent nail and tried to do a gradient with the multichromed Genius In The Bottle.
Well... right...

Now... does this look at all like the polish in the bottle?!
I so wanted it to look like that, but it just doesn't! I don't know, maybe it's just my skin tone that does not reflect well ;)
I got so disappointed when I bought this polish and experimented it, that this was only the second time I've used it :/

So... despite losing today's battle on gradients, I shall not give up (EVER!)  :)
Let me know if you also have something nail art related (or not) that you struggle with, so we can cry on each other's shoulders - haha

Hope you have a terrific evening! See you tomorrow for Part 2 of TPC (can't wait!) :D
The post will be up in the morning, different from usual, because I don't think I can go through another entire working day, waiting to post it - hehe

Till then...

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

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