Saturday, March 23, 2013

Is This What You Do All Day?

...well, not always, but today? Definitely yes! :)

Ahhhhh, what a great Saturday afternoon! I've spent it swatching and coming up with lovely manicures for each of the four babies I got for myself on Friday.

I  mean, if the weather's rainy outside, your love is on duty, working at the office, and you've done cleaning your house, reading your book and cuddling your pets, what else is there to do but attend to your most favourite nail passion, aka experimenting new polishes and playing with them? :D

The ones I bring for you today are from Coral's Matt Effect collection and on we go, for there is lots to show you:

Starting off with Coral No.414.
Three coats for an acceptable opacity (and, nevertheless, you can still see the nail line - damn!), easy application with zero brush strokes visible. Perfect matte finish, almost neon like electric blue. Stunning even if you have to work for it! :))

I went for a starry night effect with this one, and used lovely star-shaped rhinestones to complete the look :)

This vibrant yellow shade is Coral No.401.
The polish, though lovely, has some application problems, mostly because it will take you a minimum of three coats to achieve smoothness and erase all evidence on brush strokes.
But, hey, how can you complain facing such a gorgeous colour?
It's yellow, it's matte and I love it! :)

I wanted a simple look, so as not to take attention from the awesome polish and did a dotticure, using lilac duochromed loose glitter, placed by hand :)

 The third one is Coral No.406.
I was scared at first by looking at the bottle, that it would be a very white light blue, but let the bottle fool you not: this is a most beautiful springy blue sky like polish.
It took me three coats though to be fully happy with it, and I could still see some brush strokes, so be warned.

I wanted some vibrant colours to go with it and chose, also from the Matt Effect collection,  Coral No.404 (the lighter pink shade) and No.402 (the darker pink shade).
I went for a frilly look, alternating the two pink polishes and dotted below each frill once, with the opposite shade of pink.

Last, but definitely not least, is Coral No.403.
And this one I have to thank Pri from Verniz de Luxo for. I wouldn't have chosen it if it hadn't been for her suggesting it :) And as before, she was sooo right!
Differently from the three above, I only applied a second coat because I'm picky, I sure didn't have to, for this beauty looks impecable on one coat ;)
It's perfect: application, finish, everything about this makes me love it to bits!
That's why...

I tried my first ever leopard print pattern with it!! And how happy am I! :)) 
The yellow patches were done using the above shown Coral No.401 and then the wriggly bits were done using Coral No.413, also from the same Matt Effect collection ;)

Ahhh! Now, this was productive and made me happy! 
Which polish did you like best and are itching to get? And which manicure look was your favourite? Make sure to let me know! :))

Also, can you guess which look I ended up leaving on my nails? ;)
Have a great Saturday night - hope you're going dancing like I am (yeyyyy!) :D

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. coucou! são todas lindas! Não te dá pena não ficares com a manicure durante 2 ou 3 dias pelo menos? a mim dá é por isso que não faço mani's tantas vezes :P

    1. Oláááá :)
      Como eu te compreendo: às vezes custa tirá-las logo no dia a seguir mas...faço logo outra gira para não ficar tristinha ;)

  2. Nice Blog :)

    You are invited to take part in my "International Giveaway by Born Pretty Store"

    1. Than you Bisma, how sweet of you :))

  3. Hi Mina! It sounds like a great afternoon with your polishes, LOL! I like to spend a little time myself with this hobby. I love all the mani's the blue polish is really gorgeous, but the last look with the leopard print is to die for! My guess is you kept the leopard look!

    1. Hi Natalia!! :)) So glad someone understands me - hehehe
      And you're soooo right, I just couldn't take the last one off, totally fell for it! ;)


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