Sunday, March 31, 2013

Having a Jekyll & Hyde Kind of Easter!

... means I have been carrying around two very different Easter manicures on each hand :)

I won't make a list of the polishes used (if you get curious about any specific colour, please do ask and I shall reply) because the list, though not endless, includes 16 polishes and bore you I shall not! ;)

Also forgive the photos - I didn't have the camera I usually take my pictures with and had to settle with what I had at hand *sad face*

First picture portrays both hands and I want you to look carefully to try and guess why I named the post the way I did ;)

So... can you guess already what I attempted to do today?
Yes? No? Any idea?

Without further ado, let's show you my right hand - the Dr. Jekyll one ;)

You've got cute little dotted eggs and some sweet bunny's ears (please note these were drawn with my non-dominant left hand - do be gentle ;))
Nice and fluffy, vibrant and cosy all around, right?

Now, let's see what you've got to say about my left hand nails - the ones that belong to Mr. Hyde ;)

Easter with an edge! Haha! 
I know it's not the best photograph and the thumb is slightly blurry, which doesn't help, but if I tell you I took inspiration from here, can you see the similarities! Can you? ;)

I'm such a huuuuuuuuuge fan of Alien, you have no idea how high I jumped when, looking for inspiration, I found that picture!

It's not perfect (way far from it) but it was the best I could do, given I had no brushes still (sighs) and did these using nothing but my orange stick.
So... is it ok if I say I'm actually happy with how they turned out? :)

Leave a comment below, stating your favourite and also letting me know if my alien is so bad that I should put myself in front of one or if I pass the minimums and get to go back to Earth ;)

Hope you've had a very hoppy Easter and fret not over the upcoming Monday ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


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    1. thank you!! there is a bunch of them! ;)

  2. Nice Blog :)

    You are invited to my "International Giveaway by Born Pretty Store".

    1. Glad you liked it :) And thank you for the giveaway alert **


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