Thursday, February 14, 2013

Two's a Pair!

... and that's why I never buy one nail polish bottle alone, ever! :)

Inglot 665 & 669 were my latest acquisitions, as I've been dying to try their collection O2M Breathable for ages! But as they are €12.45 each... I had to hold my horses for a wee while :)

But now they're here and I've got them and they're all mine! Muhahaha!

These babies are from this Summer's collection and this is what Inglot has to say about the formula:

'O2M Breathable Nail Enamel uses a new polymer KS-02 designed for contact lenses, which significantly increases the oxygen permeability of the varnish films (until 54 cm3/sec), improves the permeability to water vapour, facilitates the varnish spreading and reduces the film tightness.'

And because I wanted to show you both of them, I wore a shade on each hand today, because, after all, that's what we have two hands for, anyway - haha!

This is No.669 on my left hand - please tell me you can see the beautiful purple shimmer this amazing blue shade has in it! Can you, can you?
If you can't it's totally my fault! For this is the most beautiful shade of blue witha  hint of lavender e-v-e-r! :))

Now let me bring this closer to you, so you can see two silly mistakes:
1) I painted my nails with the heater on, hence... les bubbles! :/
2) I've used a different top coat from my one and only all time favourite and this isn't even a third as shinny as the polish really is - please don't allow yourselves to be deceived! My nails looked gorgeous without the top coat -.-'

These nails portray two coats of the polish adn let me tell you the first coat can scare you out and make you think 'noooooooooooo!'.
But the second coat will even out the appearance of the nail and finish your mani off with a really nice shine. And, although the formula is a bit on the thin side, it doesn't pool your cuticles! :D

And here's No.665 - how can anyone resist a minty green?
I can't, that's for sure!

Again, the first coat of polish can make you think less nice thoughts about the polish, but 'repent, thou sinner', the second coat saves the day! :))

 I must say this shade has different colours to it, whether you're indoors or outdoors, under sunny weather or cloudy one - but, hey, that's the case with most polishes, right? :)

Overall, I must say I liked these polishes a lot, my fondness ranging from their quality (it's a 3 Free nail lacquer) to their brand ideals (no testing on animals), from their packaging to their  costumer service.

If you have the money to spend and would be willing to try these out, I'd say they're definitely a go! 
If you're from Lisbon, you can get them in Colombo or check them online.

Let me know what's your opinion and I'll see you all tomorrow (V day! hehehe ;))

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


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