Saturday, February 09, 2013

Night & Day

... on my leftie and my rightie :)

Friday I got some lovely new polishes and I just had to try them today - how could I not?

Here they are:

 You can purchase them here and meet Pri, the nicest and most enthusiast nail polish lover I have ever met on a store - whenever she gets new shades and brands she jumps up and down just like we nail addicts  ;)

On my left hand I started with one coat of Purple Professional No.18, a lovely opaque black that didn't need the second layer  (another yey! for Purple Professional! :))

If you pay notice to each finger, you'll see the thumb and ring finger are different - I've used Ludurana's Flocado Vento on those. The other ones are with one layer of Ludurana Flocado Relâmpago.
Both glide on beautifully and don't need a second coat - they are absolutely gorgeous! :D
This is a shot taken during the day inside the house.

And this one was taken outside, around lunch hour, under a strong vibrant sun! Yepeee :)

And for my right hand, I used Perlato.
It's a lovely discrete, very job appropriate shade, with the lovely detail of the mini specks of glitter giving it a remarkable effect ;)

Excuse the skin around my cuticles - I do moisturise every day, several times a day, but it has been quite cold these last couple of days, the kind that bites and chews through every cuticle and hand cream :(

Still the sun was lovely even if it the wind was cold enough to chill your bones :D

I was so in love with the effect of this polish I went back to Pri's store and got some three more in different shades - haha ;)

Hope you've all had a warm cosy Saturday and I bid you farewell till tomorrow :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

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