Saturday, January 26, 2013

Like a Virgin...

Blogging for the very first time!!!!
That's right... after telling myself for the hundreth time 'You should try it!', I am now officially doing it! My very own nail blog - weeeee!

Deciding which manicure to post first was most complicated (we all know what it's like staring at so many bottles - *cof cof*) but... after careful thinking I ended up with something that reminds me of Summer.

It's been so rainy and windy lately, I just had to cheer up my digits a while, know what I mean?

So here it is: let me know if you like it (and forgive any mistakes or imperfections).

I have used:
Inglot * 985 
Prestige Color Plus * 106 Gerbera
Rimmel, I Love Fruities * 058 Lemon Drop

Best colour? The strawberries', of course! Hehehe

 And that's it.
I promise to clean my cuticles to perfection next time! (PROMISE!)

Have a great Friday night and see you soooooooon! :)
Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


You just made this girl smile! Thank you for your comment and for sharing your thoughts with me! :)

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