Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Royal Blue and Gradient Nails

Hello, world!!

I've been up to a lot the past few days and my plain nail art look vouches for that.
Check it out:

Royal Blue and Gradient Nails

These have been rocking hard for the past four days and I love them! :)

Royal Blue and Gradient Nails

I painted my pinkie and middle finger with my favourite royal blue polish: Purple Professional Infant.
I also mattified them, 'cause this beauty is stonishing under a matte topcoat :)

Royal Blue and Gradient Nails

And now that I own the right kind of witchcraft to never again fear going for gradient nails, I can't help myself but deligth in them (if you don't know what I'm on about, you should definitely read THIS post).

Maybe tomorrow I'll add something to them, what do you think?

Hugs & Kissies,


  1. The gradient looks fantastic!

  2. Love the simplicity of these! But I look forward to finding out if you decide to add something! You always find great ways to spice up a mani hehe.

  3. I love these, there's so much you can do on top of a gradient but sometimes just a gradient on it's own is a good look too


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