Thursday, March 17, 2016

Digital Dozen Does Spring - Day 3: Lace Skittle Nails

Hey, lovelies.
We've got a late post tonight - boyfriend and I were catching up on American Crime Story The People vs. OJ Simpson.

I've got a fun, simple look for you all today:

Lace Skittle Nails

Lace Skittle Nails!!
The weather starts getting warmer and you've got us ladies taking our pretty lace blouses out to wear in the sun :)

Lace Skittle Nails

I chose pastel colours 'cause Spring and since I couldn't decide on just one, I made it a skittle design 'cause that's more fun for the whole game :)

purple professional

Dedicating this one to Spring cleaning as well, by the way. 
I decided to wear some Portuguese polishes I hadn't picked up in a while.
They are, left to right: missp Wonderland Pacific, missp Wonderland Cinderella, Purple Professional Love Letter, Purple Professional Hippie Collection Freedom and missp Wonderland Miss Love (phew!)

Lace Skittle Nails

I topped each nail with nail wraps with what looks like a complex lace kind of design at least to me.
These are Thumbs Up Henna.

Hope you've having a fine week so far, lovelies.
I'm having quite a tiresome one but it's the final countdown now - Friday's the last day of this trimester, so we're almost there!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Your lace skittle nails look great! I love all the vibrant colors you used.

  2. This is a fantastical skittle mani, love everything about it!

  3. Oh these are so cute and fun! I always love a skittle mani :) those look like some great pastel polishes.

  4. Skittles like these make me happy!

  5. Aww, these are gorgeous! I love all the colors you used here, the look is so fresh and Springy :)

  6. I adore this look! Your stamping is absolute perfection! Amazing job dear!

  7. Mina your stamping is so amazingly crisp! Wow!

  8. Wow! This mani is so pretty. Love what you did here. I think you really nailed it. Love it!!!!

  9. Oh wow, this looks incredible! Love it!

    *looks at her own sad sad nail paint job and hides hands*

  10. These are so pretty Mina. Your stamping is so crisp, and I'm really loving the idea of having a different Spring-type colour on each nail <3

  11. Those designs are so neat! The colors you paired them with are lovely too!


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