Sunday, May 12, 2013

Swatching Nail Art

because, like I said, it's not in me to just do plain swatches! :)
There are several reasons for that:

(1) I don't follow the whole trend business and I don't really keep up to date with brand releases and new collections

(2) I don't think my photography is good enough to actually provide you with swatches that'll make you want to go and said polishes

(3) and... let's be honest! What I really love about this manicure world is the endless doodling possibilities and if swatching doesn't give me that, what's the use in doing it then, righ? ;)

But today I had a lazy Sunday afternoon and picked two of my new acquisitions from Bitty Professional, part of their Neon Spring Collection (better cover your eyes ;))

This is DC11 (I know what you're thinking... numbers :/)
It's a lovely neon green that works better over a white base - all it took was two layers for this finish.
Although they have changed their formula and it's much more opaque and pigmented it's still a neon, after all :)

I then went for the 'Hulk look', as BF called it :P
I sponged the tips of the nail in a V-shape, using Bitty Professional 137.

I then picked up my lovely Kiss white striper and added V-lines below the tips.

Next up os DC09 - of course it had to be pink! ;)
Can you think of a lovelier neon shade?
Again, white base for two effortless coats. Great brush, lovely finish! :)

I went with deep purple stripes using Golden Rose Nail Art 128.

And to finish the look, I added a rhinestone to each nail :)
Fancy, fancy - hahaha

I have no real mani for you today, as I did this and then gave my nails and lovely cuticles some royal treatment and well deserved rest :D

Do you also do this often? Pamper your nails & cuticles and just leave them bare for an afternoon? (that's the maximum I can do it for - muhaha!)

And how did you like these polishes? Are you also getting crazy on neons or do you prefer other Summer shades? ;)
Let me know down below and enjoy the rest of this lovely Sunday <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Wonderful nails. Love the green one. so cool color.

    1. Awww - Thank you so much BeautyInLuv! The green is quite a powerful colour, indeed :D

  2. Omg! these are really great colors! And all the lines in both manis are so straight!Your hand must be steady :)oh, and I totally agree about swatching.

    1. hahah - I wish! Some days i'm just lucky, I guess :)
      Thank you for you sweet comment, as always :D Hurray for non-swatchers! <3 hahaha

  3. Wow, that green neon is fabulous! It looks so good on your nails.
    I only have a yellow-greenish neon polish but it can't be compared with yours :-)

    1. Awwww - thank you for your lovely comment! I also had one of those neon yellow greens, which I though was the most beautiful thing but then... it didn't go with my skin tone ;)

  4. What do you mean you don't have any "real mani", I see two right there :) The green is very very cool, especially in the Hulk look.

    1. Thank you, sweetie - I'm really glad you liked it! It's a powerful green -
      Oh, and I meant to say I didn't wear any of the above the entire day as my nails were being taken care of during the whole afternoon and most of the evening. Hence no 'real mani' ;)

  5. How is this no real mani? Two lovely mani's :D Neon polishes are so great <3

    1. Thank you so much, Eva. Your comment made me really smile :) Neons do rock!
      I left my nails bare the entire afternoon + evening for some TLC, that's why I said no 'real mani' - these didn't last long on my nails ;)

  6. Beautiful!! and your photos and nails are definitely good enough to make people buy the polishes!! I like you don't get all the new polishes though! Gorgeous nail art x

    1. Realised I worded that wrong (tired) I mean I don't get all the new polishes either. I just swatch whatever I have :D xx

  7. Coucou! Fantásticos vernizes! meteste alguma base branca? ficaram giríssimas. Em relação ao teu coment no meu blog, eu é admiro a tua paciência de mudar de nail art todos os dias e Às vezes várias vezes no mesmo dia! :)

    1. Sim, sim. Apesar de serem muito bons e opacos em duas camadas, a base branca ajuda sempre para um efeito 'txaran' ;) hehehe
      Obrigada pelo teu comentário super sweet e volto a dizer - adorei a tua pedicure!


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